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Future Frontend 2024 is open for registrations

Juho VepsΓ€lΓ€inen

We ran the first Future Frontend conference 6-9.6.2023. Although it was not sold out, it went well enough for us to run it again. In Future Frontend, we took the learnings from React Finland and pivoted into a more future-facing direction to cover more broadly what is happening in the frontend development space. The second edition will take place 13-14.6.2024 while workshops will be held 11-12.6.

What Future Frontend is aboutπŸ”—

Future Frontend is our attempt to bring together Finnish web developers with international ones. We managed to do this more than well in the first edition as most attendees were senior level attendees from abroad. You could even say that there were surprisingly few Finnish developers attending and I hope we will attract more locals for the second edition.

Beyond connecting people, Future Frontend is about inspiration. To give you a better idea, here is what one of the attendees of the first edition had to say:

It was great, I enjoyed it so much. Helsinki was awesome. I realized that I live in bubble doing always the same apps and that there are also other use-cases and approaches.

It is not only about new connections and technology, but about a new country you might not otherwise visit. Finland is a small country at the edge of Europe with a unique culture of its own. You might have heard of Nokia, sauna, or moomins but what do you know about the country behind them? For many, there is no better time to visit Finland than early Summer.

To really see what the conference is about, see the mood video from 2023. To get idea of the venue for 2024, see the trailer for React Finland 2022.

Future Frontend 2024 in a nutshellπŸ”—

Now that you know Future Frontend is about on a high level, here is the same in numbers:

See the schedule for the exact details


The regular bird ticket for the conference costs 499€ and hundred are available before the next tier the price is increased.

For workshops, full-day costs 299€ (includes lunch) while the half-day AI workshop costs 149€ (not including lunch).

Future Frontend workshopsπŸ”—

Speaking of workshops, it is one of the main ways for you to get more out of the week as immersing yourself for a day is a great way to pick up new skills. Our full-day workshop topics include TypeScript and Astro. There is also a half-day workshop on getting started with artificial intelligence. Each workshop is limited to 20 seats.

Call for sponsorsπŸ”—

Although technically you could run a conference without sponsors, it would be difficult to deliver extras like an afterparty by relying on conference income alone. For this reason, we are looking for sponsors. In case your company would be interested or you know someone that is, check out our offer for the sponsors.

In addition to sponsors, we are looking for workshop hosts. The idea would be to provide space somewhere in Helsinki center for twenty attendees, feed and treat them well, and we will put your logo on our site as a partner. There is no better way to show your fancy office to developers than this.

If you have other ideas on how to collaborate, drop an email at (info <at> futurefrontend.com).


The second edition of Future Frontend is becoming more concrete by the day and I hope you will be a part of it. For anyone not familiar with Finland, it is a great way to get started. For the rest, it will be a good chance to hang around with other developers in a relaxed environment as we are incapable of running serious events.

If that convinved you, buy your ticket through Tito. By committing early, you will reduce stress levels of the organizers quite a bit so don't wait too long.