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Future Frontend is the successor of React Finland by the same organizers held 06-09.2023 (06-07 for workshops, 08-09 for conference). As React can be considered stable technology by now, we felt a brand refresh would be in place as it would allow us to do a more interesting conference than sticking to something tried and true. In the new conference, we’ve taken what we’ve learned from organizing React Finland and pushed it to the next level.

International speakers with local flavor included🔗

The fifteen speakers of the conference have varying backgrounds and our roster includes many of the leading names from the community including Miško Hevery, Ryan Carniato, and many others. We’ve managed to invite the authors of the leading bleeding edge frameworks to the conference making it unique even on a global scale. We’ve also taken care to include local speakers to the program as it’s our duty to show what’s happening in Finland.

The single track format allows our visitors to get most out of the experience. In particular, we want to connect the speakers with the local community as well as possible. That is partially possible due to scoping in terms of topics and the amount of audience.

We don’t offer speaker slots to our sponsors. Occasionally there may have been a speaker or two from a sponsoring company but that is due to the merits of the speakers, not due to a specific arrangement. We know some conferences do it the other way but this has been our policy so far and it feels like it has been a good one.

Focused audience🔗

We expect the audience to contain plenty of international flavor. Our target is to reach between 150 and 250 attendees for the first edition as that would enable us to run again next year. This time, we are aiming at a good mix of domestic and international visitors. Due to the changed focus, our hope is to attract more of the senior crowd. That is not to say juniors are not welcome but the content will be quite advanced by definition.

National and international visibility🔗

The conference will have visibility both in national and international level. It has been positioned as a developers to developers conference but we are willing to provide visibility to limited amount of companies in order to produce the highest quality conference we can. We see sponsorships as value add and believe good collaborations can improve the experience for everyone involved.

Amazing venue🔗

Over the years we’ve learned to appreciate the importance of a good conference venue. We started from Valkoinen Sali, ran a couple of times at Paasitorni, and now we are headed to Pörssitalo (see better photos at Venuu). Compared to Paasitorni it has its pros and cons. The main limitation is that it cannot take more than ~250 people at the main hall so it scopes the conference by definition. On the plus side, the venue allows us to integrate sponsors as a part of the event better than ever before.

Your spot to shine🔗

We are offering the perfect spot for companies to promote their knowledge and presence in the frontend ecosystem through sponsorships. In addition, there will be also side activities with speakers and organizers to connect and communicate with top-level professionals. We encourage companies to run their own events and we are happy to promote them as long as they are from our sponsors. That is to say companies outside of official sponsors may run their own but they will have to handle promotion on their own.


Considering the reduced scope of the conference, we’ve adjusted sponsorship pricing as a result so it’s roughly one third cheaper than before. When considering the pricing, it’s good to keep in mind that by supporting our conference, you also support the local ecosystem and enable this type of events as we don’t have too many in the local market. We’re the only frontend focused conference in Finland and one of the few in the Nordics.

Cost (VAT 0) 3.000€ 5.000€ 10.000€
Available 6 4 2
Conference tickets 2 x ☺ 4 x ☺ 6 x ☺
Visibility on social media and website ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
Logo size on website ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
Banner in conference
Banner on stage
Logo on slides between the talks
Job announcements
Area in sponsor lounge for booths / promotion
Item in the goodie bag*
Attendance for the speaker events (e.g., the speakers’ dinner)
Special requests

Note that on top of all this, we provide a 20% discount of our sponsors regardless of the sponsorship level. This applies for any ticket type and if you are planning to buy a lot of tickets anyway, it may be cheaper to become a sponsor.

The * means we’ll let people decide whether they want swag and what kind of swag they want as we’re environmentally conscious. If attendees don’t want swag, we’ll use the equivalent amount of money for charity instead.

How to Sponsor?🔗

If you are interested in any of our sponsorship packages, get in touch (info <at>!