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Hotel - Scandic Paasi🔗

We'll book four nights (plus extra night per workshop) at the Scandic Paasi based on your travel dates. This includes breakfast. The hotel will charge you for any extra nights. We'll query the dates separately and you won't receive a separate confirmation from the hotel as everything will be booked in bulk.

The hotel is located at Paasivuorenkatu 5 B, 00530 Helsinki. It is located right next to the venue and there's a physical access between the spaces through the basement (useful info in case it's raining).

How to get to the hotel?🔗

If you take a taxi, save the receipt so we can reimburse you. There are several taxis in the airport, take reputable one like Taksi Helsinki. Note that it's not cheap, expect 50 euros.

Another option is to use public transport as you can reach the center easily using it. It is also considerably cheaper.


The workshops are distributed around Helsinki to office spaces and you can find your exact address from the workshops page.

If you want to send specific information to workshop attendees, let me (Juho) know through conference email or Slack and I'll do it through the ticket platform.

Giving the talk🔗

We've prepared a simple yet effective process for the talks. It works as follows:

  1. Show up at the speakers' room about half an hour before the session of your talk. The speakers' room is close to the main hall and it's impossible to miss. It also doubles as our technical room.
  2. We'll guide you shortly before the session from the speakers' room to the main hall and do a quick tech check. If you want, you can also do this on some break before your talk and it's a good idea especially if you have audio or video elements in your presentation.
  3. During the session, you'll give your performance. I expect you to pair with your session partner to ensure the talks flow well to each other.
  4. After the session, there will be an option for you to get a photo done. We offer this as a service to our speakers as often people have poor social media photos and it's nice to have one that's not bad.

Note that we'll capture audience questions for you using Slido. Using the service allows moderation and ranking while being fun to the audience.

We can also do physical setup for you in case you need chairs etc. on the stage.

Speakers' dinner🔗

The speakers' dinner location will be announced closer to the conference. We leave 18:00, 12.6 from the front of Paasitorni.