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Future Frontend 2024

The future of frontend reimagined

13-14 June, 2024 at Paasitorni, Helsinki

To quote William Gibson, the future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed. The purpose of Future Frontend conference is to give you a glimpse of future. The second edition takes place 13-14 June, 2024 (Paasitorni, Helsinki) while the workshops are held 11-12 June, 2024 (around Helsinki).

First edition in 2023 was a successπŸ”—

The first edition was a success and helped to establish the event. Our target for the second edition is to grow further (up to 300 attendees) and yet again bring both international and local developers together to shape the future in this single track event.

Who is coming to the conferenceπŸ”—

In the first edition, the audience included largely international senior level developers. For the second edition, our hope is that more product and business developers discover the conference as we have included a healthy mix of product insights to the schedule this time around.

If you are coming from abroad, it is not uncommon to combine the trip with a bit of sightseeing or a trip to a cottage as it is likely the best time to visit Finland as it is reasonably warm and you will miss all the mosquitoes.

Atmosphere of Future FrontendπŸ”—

To get some idea of the atmosphere of our conference, consider the videos below. The first one is from Future Frontend 2023 while the second one is from React Finland 2022. The next Future Frontend will take place at the same venue as the latter event.

Conference formatπŸ”—

One of the aspects that makes Future Frontend unique in its category is the format we use for the event. Over the two days of the event, we run eight themed sessions with two speakers each apart from an exception or two. Each session gets a 1.5 hour slot and usually this means two talks and a panel on the topic although surprises are possible.

Beyond this, we have made sure you have enough time to recharge during breaks as for some people the hallway track is the best part of the conference as you get to meet other developers. On top of this, we take care to organize more unofficial program after conference days with our partners and an afterparty for Friday is guaranteed.

Themes for 2024πŸ”—

For 2024, our main themes are artificial intelligence (AI), web design, and web development. To be more specific, we'll discuss compilers, design in combination with edge computing, green computing, standardization, and user interaction.

The chosen triad means that regardless of your background, you will be exposed to new ideas that will shape your way of thinking and give you a better idea of what is coming next in the space.

A quote from 2023 attendee puts it well what the conference is all about:

It was great, I enjoyed it so much. Helsinki was awesome. I realized that I live in bubble doing always the same apps and that there are also other use-cases and approaches. - Marek

Read more about the themes from the conference blog.

Workshops for 2024πŸ”—

As often you learn the best by doing, we have made sure to include workshops before the conference days. The topics include AI and TypeScript.

Livestreams for 2024πŸ”—

Thanks to the support of our sponsors we have produced a livestream for this year and you can find the links below:

See the schedule to figure out which sessions you want to follow live remotely. The talks will be produced into cut versions after the conference and published separately.


The conference is held at the historic venue of Paasitorni near Helsinki center. Although old skool, the venue provides good contrast to the topics we will discuss.

Address: Paasitorni - Paasivuorenkatu 5 A, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

All sponsorsπŸ”—

Gold sponsorπŸ”—

Smoother digital world

Silver sponsorsπŸ”—

Inspiring innovations in financeFast, flexible, and reliable cloud

Bronze sponsorsπŸ”—

Courage to growMakers of a sustainable futureWhy use a text editor to build web apps?A Nordic Digital Sales Consultancy


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