Future Frontend

The future of frontend reimagined


Pörssitalo, Helsinki, Finland

Frontend is a part of an application, or an experience, that is the most visible. For a frontend developer, it’s a challenge how to craft that portion. At the Future Frontend conference, we’ll imagine the future together.

Future Frontend is the successor of React Finland. The new concept allows us to explore areas related to frontend development that weren’t feasible earlier. As React has become stable as a technology, we felt it’s time for something else and that is what the conference represents.

Future Frontend in a nutshell🔗

The conference follows good practices we discovered while running React Finland and we’ve summarized it below:

  • 06-07.06.2023 - Workshops (sold separately from the conference)
  • 08-09.06.2023 - Single track conference, 8 themed sessions, 2 speakers per session, 15 speakers in total
  • Location: Helsinki, Finland. The conference itself takes place at Pörssitalo while workshops will be held somewhere near (to be decided).
  • Attendees: We can fit 250 people and our target is 200-250 for the first edition. It won’t be a big conference.

Why should I come to the Future Frontend conference?🔗

Conferences like Future Frontend compress time and space. They bring people with wildly different backgrounds together in the same space for a short file. It’s a time for meeting new people, getting inspired, and learning.

Our full week format guarantees you’ll get all this. The workshop days allow you to learn a lot while the conference days are great for networking. On top of this, traditionally our partners have organized casual program at the end of the days.

What makes Future Frontend special?🔗

What makes our conferences special is that they give you a perfect excuse to visit Finland assuming you don’t live here already. To be honest, why would you visit Finland otherwise? It’s a little out of place at the edge of Europe and it doesn’t have that much going for it as a tourist destination.

At the same time Finland is a little bit exotic as a destination due to its unique culture and weird language. We are also known for our technical prowess and in a way a conference like this is a showcase for the country itself.

Make sure to have time beyond the conference to explore this weird and Nordic country with thousands of lakes and an endless amount of forest.

How can I convince my boss to visit Future Frontend?🔗

In short, it’s an investment to you and your professional development. It’s not often that you get to meet so many bright minds in so short time. We’ve taken care to organize workshops with diverse topics and it’s no uncommon for our participants to take part in a few to get most out of it. That’s not to say there isn’t more as there is and you’ll find chances to relax in a Finnish sauna and our swimming facilities.

Given the conference is held during the Summer, as a bonus you’ll get to experience our long days. We won’t charge extra for this.

What is included to the ticket price?🔗

The conference ticket includes a lunch and refreshments during the breaks. This means you won’t have to budget much extra for eating outside of the event unless you want to. Also afterparty (09.06) is included and there will be enough to eat and drink not to mention lighter program (karaoke, board games, etc. depending on what we come up with).

For workshops, we provide at least refreshments during the breaks and in the past we’ve also included lunch for the full-day ones and for those people participating in two half-day workshops at the same day to reduce stress.

To learn more about the event, read the conference announcement!


Future Frontend is held at the historic Pörssitalo (Helsinki Stock Exchange Building) built in 1912 and one of the greatest examples of Art Nouveau style buildings in Finland from its era.

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