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Cloudflare Workers from zero to hero๐Ÿ”—


Always wanted to try out Cloudflare Workers, but haven't known where to start? Maybe you've tried out Workers once or twice, but aren't sure how to fit all the parts together for a production-ready application? Maybe you're completely new to the idea of running code on the edge, but you want to find out more? This is the workshop for you!

You'll be shown how to build a simple application on Cloudflare Workers, Cloudflare's platform for running your code on the edge, all the way from idea to deployed project. You'll learn:

  • How to bootstrap and configure a new project with Wrangler, Cloudflare's CLI tool for Workers.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting methods via developer tools, analytics, and integration with Sentry.
  • How to use Wrangler to develop your project locally, before deploying to the Cloudflare developer platform.

Wearing different hats: understanding and practicing the designer/developer workflow for digital products with a design system in place๐Ÿ”—


There are developers who have an eye for design, or designers who understand and like to code. This understanding of the other side can really help increase the speed of product development, as well as help a team achieve better results because there's empathy for each other's efforts. This workshop is intended to showcase the reality of these two disciplines and bring practical tips to be implemented by any team.

We will spend the day understanding the key aspects of a designer's and developer's work in a digital product and how a design system enhances this interaction. This is a hands-on workshop to empower you with better understanding of your colleagues and how to leverage the design system in this workflow. We will work with Figma files and an existing React component library, no prior knowledge is required.

Beats without Ken๐Ÿ”—


This full-day workshop is for current or aspiring musicians, or people who are interested in synthesis in general. After the workshop, you will understand the fundamentals of synthesis, web audio basics, and some of the newest modern web Audio features. Expect to learn about the Web Audio API, Audio Worklets, Synthesis, Music Theory, Audio focused UI and visualization, and sequencing and composition.

Building Fast WebApps with Qwik City๐Ÿ”—


Building instant-on web applications at scale have been elusive. Real-world sites need tracking, analytics, and complex user interfaces and interactions. We always start with the best intentions but end up with a less-than-ideal site.

Qwik City is a new meta-framework that allows you to build large-scale applications with constant startup-up performance. We will look at how to build a Qwik City application and what makes it unique. The workshop will show you how to set up a Qwik City project. How routing works with layout. The demo application will fetch data and present it to the user in an editable form. And finally, how one can use authentication. All of the basic parts for any large-scale applications.

Along the way, we will also look at what makes Qwik unique, and how resumability enables constant startup performance no matter the application complexity.